Obama camp: He’s still not a Muslim, He’s still pro-Israel


It’s clear that the Obama campaign is not taking the e-mail attacks against him lightly. First the candidate had a conference call with the Jewish media, now his N.Y. office is sending around this e-mail:

From: Obama for America – New York
Date: Jan 31, 2008 7:03 PM
Subject: The Truth About Obama – Spread The Word


In recent weeks we have witnessed negative attacks and politics as usual through the distribution of emails misrepresenting Senator Barack Obama’s religious upbringing, his deeply patriotic values, and his stance on critical issues such as his strong, consistent support for Israel. As we approach primary day, this Tuesday, Feb. 5th, I would like to help set the record straight about Barack Obama’s religious beliefs, his character, and his commitment to the Jewish community.

Senator Obama has been one of Israel’s most supportive and vocal friends throughout his public career. He believes that Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state should never be challenged and that America’s first commitment in the Middle East must be to Israel’s security. Having visited the country in 2006, Barack stood in solidarity with the victims of Katyusha rockets and later sponsored a resolution denouncing Iran and Syria’s involvement in the war with Hezbollah and affirming Israel’s right to self-defense. That year he was also a co-sponsor of the Palestinian Anti-Terror Act, making it more difficult for Hamas to receive funding for its activities. He recently wrote to the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations to urge that any discussion of the situation in Gaza by the U.N. Security Council include a denunciation of Hamas’ Qassam rocket attacks against Israeli civilians. He has stood forcefully for the need to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

On domestic issues, Senator Obama has set forth a bold new program for the next administration, inspired by what we in our community call “Tikkun Olam,” or “repairing the world.”

Throughout his life as a community organizer, civil rights lawyer, state legislator, and U.S. Senator, Barack Obama has been guided by the values of his faith and his country to speak out against genocide, bigotry, and the politics of fear. That is why several prominent Jewish leaders including Reps. Steve Rothman, Robert Wexler, Jan Schakowsky, and Adam Schiff, as well as former AJC President Al Moses, former Clinton National Security Advisor Tony Lake, and Rabbis Andy Bachman, Ruth Gelfarb, and Rolando Matalon have all endorsed Barack Obama – reinforcing that he is ready to be a President who stands by Israel in its struggle for a secure peace.

At the bottom of this email are several resources to help our friends and family learn more about Barack, including links to the Anti-Defamation League’s press release welcoming Obama’s denouncement of Anti-semitism, an open letter signed by Sen. Carl Levin and other Jewish Senators condemning the false attacks on Sen. Obama’s faith, and a speech that Sen. Obama delivered at the AIPAC policy forum last year. As leaders in the community, I urge you to spread the truth about Senator Obama among your friends, family, and colleagues in the coming days.

Even if you do not plan to endorse Senator Obama, please counter these false rumors that have been specifically targeted at our community. As former presidential nominee and Senator John F. Kerry wrote recently:

“If lies can be spread virally, let’s prove to the cynics that the truth can be every bit as persuasive as it is powerful.”

Thank you,

Rudi Shenk
New York State Director
Obama for America

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