Australian summit slated for Passover




Australian Jewry asked the prime minister to change the date of a major summit that clashes with Passover.


In a letter to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, Executive Council of Australian Jewry President Robert Goot wrote that he had “no doubt” the clash was unintentional but said it would affect the ability of practicing Jews to contribute.


The 2020 Summit, scheduled for April 19-20 – the first two nights of Passover – will gather 1,000 of the nation’s brightest minds in Canberra to discuss new ideas for the nation’s 10 top problems.


A spokesperson for the government said Jews who were unable to attend could put their viewpoints in writing. The list of 1,000 people selected for the summit has yet to be released.


But Mitch Fairfield, a senator from the Opposition Liberal Party, said the clash was “insensitive and discriminatory” and demanded it be changed.



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