Political Tidbits: Note to all Obama surrogates … ixnay on the Carter defense


At an ADL forum, someone forgot to tell Obama’s guy: ixnay on the defense of Jimmy Carter. (Obama and Clinton, as well as plenty of other Democratic lawmakers oppose the former president’s plans to meet with top Hamas officials.)

The Orthodox Union see two pieces of good news in John McCain’s economic policy address.

Check out the upper right corner of this Wall Street Journal parody for Baruch Obama.

A self-described 74-year-old Jewish feminist lesbian explains why she doesn’t like Hillary Clinton.

The Palm Beach Post looks at why a senior black congressman is backing Clinton and one of his nice Jewish colleagues is supporting Obama.

Ezra Klein of the American Prospect wonders if Obama “fears pressure from some sort of organization, maybe a lobby, centered around Israel issues.”

An Iranian media outlet reports on Obama’s Hebrew blog.

Daily Kos wonders if Obama made his “bitter” remark because he had marror on the brain.

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