Ann Lewis: The Jews love Hillary


Ann Lewis touts Hillary Clinton’s performance among Jewish voters:

To: Interested Parties
From: Ann Lewis
Subject: The Jewish Vote
Hillary Clinton’s strong support from Jewish voters in Pennsylvania reaffirmed her strong support from Jewish voters nationwide, and provided further evidence that Hillary is the candidate positioned to win the general election in November.

HIGH JEWISH TURNOUT HELPED BUILD THAT PENNSYLVANIA WIN: Hillary won the Jewish vote in Pennsylvania by 62% – 38%. According to CNN exit polls, Jews made up 8% of the electorate in Pennsylvania, which is more than triple their proportion in the population. Even though the primary fell during the Passover holiday, Jewish voters once again showed that we take our citizenship seriously!
Ann Lewis touts Clinton’s performance among Jewish voters:

For more information about Hillary’s win among Jewish voters in PA, read Jim Besser’s article in the Jewish Week: or this report by Jen Siegel in the Forward:

HILLARY IS CONSISTENTLY WINNING THE JEWISH VOTE WITH WIDE MARGINS: Hillary Clinton is winning by 18 points among Jewish voters, according to data based on the ten states with available exit polls. She won by 20 points or more among Jewish voters in 6 states, including New York, Florida, New Jersey and Pennsylvania – 4 states which include some of the largest Jewish populations in the country.

HILLARY WILL WIN IN NOVEMBER: Democrats must win the large swing states to win the general election in November. Senator Obama has fallen short in states like Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania –- all states with significant Jewish communities. In two key swing states, Florida and Pennsylvania, where the data is available, the Jewish community made up nearly 10% of the primary electorate in each state. Hillary handedly won the Jewish vote in both Florida and Pennsylvania – winning by 26 points in Florida and 24 points in Pennsylvania.

HILLARY CONTINUES TO LEAD ON THE ISSUES: The next President of the United States will face serious challenges at home and abroad. On every issues of concern to the Jewish community, Hillary has a record of effective leadership –and she continues to be a leader on the campaign trail. For more information about Hillary’s position on the issues, or her record on issues of concern, please contact us or visit

I hope that you have had an enjoyable and meaningful Passover holiday. To see how our campaign celebrated Passover in Pennsylvania, you may enjoy reading Hilary Krieger’s story in the Jerusalem Post, “Clinton Jewish Staffers at Seder: Next Year in the White House.”

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