Political Tidbits


A quick look at John McCain’s top Jewish backers – and how his campaign is raising eyebrows with a planned meeting at a Jewish club that has drawn criticism over its lack of African-American and Hispanic members. [UPDATE: The meeting has been moved.]

Hillary Clinton channels Yom HaShoah while discussing free trade.

Politico’s Ben Smith reports that Jewish Obama supporters are raising money for an ad in the New York Times.

Dorothy Wickenden argues in the New Yorker that McCain is smearing Obama on the issue of Hamas.

Daniel Pipes – whose vocal role in attempting to label an Arabic charter school in New York a “madrassa” drew attention this week – says the record suggests that Obama really did see himself as a Muslim growing up.

The Forward’s Jennifer Siegel looks at the emergence of Middle East policy as a wedge issue in the Democratic primary fight.

In the late but too fun to ignore category… Daniel Treiman says “oy” over a spiraling Obama-related spat involving William Kristol, Andrew Sullivan and Leon Wieseltier.

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