The News Shticker: Bar Rafaeli wants you!

  • Bar Rafaeli, the Israeli model and Leonardo DiCaprio flame, joins fight against Israeli draft dodging.
  • Amy Winehouse turns down James Bond.
  • Scarlett Johansson is getting married.
  • The New Jersey Jewish News takes on Ben Stein for drawing a line between Darwinism and Nazism. On the other side of the coin, Shmuley Boteach cries foul after being compared to Hitler by scientist Richard Dawkins (just the sort of anti-religious academic that Stein is complaining about in his film).
  • The London Jewish Chronicle: “Prince Charles was so taken by his involvement in creating a new Polish Jewish community centre, which he opened in Krakow [last week], that he now intends to become involved in another Jewish project in Eastern Europe.”
  • 60 bloggers in 60 days blogging about Israel’s 60th birthday (now say that 10 times real fast).

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