Tailing Talansky


The media has been hungry for details about Long Island businessman Morris Talansky, the man whose questioning by Israeli police this week may bring down the Israeli prime minister. In case you’ve missed anything, here’s some highlights:

When the PM met Talansky: Olmert aides referred to him as “Mr. T.”

New details emerge about Talansky: The N.Y. Times reports that Talansky was twice accused of resorting to force to collect debts. Caught unshaven on a Jerusalem street (religious Jews don’t shave in the weeks after Passover), he denied being involved in politics.

U.S. financier at centre of Olmert case
: Talansky flashes the thumbs-up sign, saying “I don’t understand what’s the big deal.”

Man in the mirror: A registered Democrat, Talansky is twice married and the father of three. One of his sons lives in Jerusalem, in the same neighborhood as former Chief Rabbi Ovadia Yosef.

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