Political Tidbits: What Stephanopoulos should have asked about Iran

  • Michael Hirsh of Newsweek tackles the question about Iran that George Stephanopoulos should have asked: What if Israel attacks first?
  • Robert Malley drops informal role with Obama campaign.
  • Obama speaks (and hugs) at the Israeli Embassy’s big 60 bash last week.
  • Jewish GOPers jockey for John McCain’s favor.
  • Liberal Jewish activists shine a light on a controversial pastor, Rod Parsley, who has endorsed and been praised by McCain. Mother Jones has produced a video highlighting the clergyman’s condemnations of Islam.
  • One blogger argues that the only reason Obama isn’t doing better with Jews is that he’s not as Jewish as John Kerry (hat tip: Eric Fingerhut of the Washington Jewish Week).
  • In a wider look at Obama’s rise up the political ladder in Chicago, the New York Times recounts the story behind his relationship with one of the city’s most influential Jewish families (the Crowns). Plus an article on Obama’s earmarks has an interesting nugget or two on this subject.
  • Jews for Obama want straight talk from John McCain.
  • Jewish Democrats have launched a blog to keep an eye on the Republican Jewish Coalition.

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