The News Shticker: Indiana Jones a Nazi?!

  • 23/6, the news and humor site, “collected the most racist, and/or uninformed comments about Barack Obama and put them in a quiz,” asking you to identify “Who said it, the rural white, or the old Jew?”
  • Following his denial of entry last week, Israel has officially barred Norman Finkelstein from entering the country for 10 years.
  • Video has surfaced of last month’s violent attack on two Palestinian teenagers perpetrated by a gang of Israeli youth.
  • The Knesset is contemplating an Internet censorship bill that will empower the Israeli government to block access to websites it deems inappropriate. Some fear that will include foreign news sites that portray the country unflatteringly.
  • Self-described “good Jewish boy” Michael Sophocles has been fired from The Apprentice.
  • The Jewish Journal’s God Blog has an interesting piece on the Jews’ tolerance for alcohol, or lack thereof.
  • Indiana Jones’ character based on a Nazi? Who knew?!
  • Faith Off, a new game show on the UK’s Islam Channel, seeks to “promote good relations and mutual respect between Britain’s religious communities” by pitting them against each other in a trivia challenge.
  • “A new national study of more than 948 Americans revealed that a man wearing a kufi, headwear typically worn by Muslim men, is viewed significantly different than the same man wearing a Jewish yarmulke and no headwear.”
  • And finally, via Jewschool, even the LOLcats are anti-Israel these days…

    Awww… It’s too cute to be offensive! See also: The ever uproarious Cats that look like Hitler.

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