The News Shticker: NY Mets celebrate Israel, Dunkin’ Donuts yanks keffiyeh spot

  • The NY Mets will celebrate Israel’s 60th anniversary tonight with a pre-game show featuring Israeli music and dancing plus glatt kosher diggs. I hope the hot dogs aren’t from Agriprocessors…
  • Renowned British artist Stephen Wiltshire has a completed an aerial drawing of Jerusalem. More here.
  • Dunkin’ Donuts pulled a television ad from the airwaves that featured Rachel Ray sporting a rather fashionable keffiyeh after the company received complaints from right-wing activists. No word yet as to whether John McCain will pull his daughter, who has also been seen wearing a keffiyeh, from public view as well.
  • Hydrox, the kosher alternative to the formerly trayfe Oreo cookies, has been resurrected from the dead (via MJL).
  • Scientific American takes a look at the evolutionary basis for religiosity.
  • Former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton dodged a citizen’s arrest for alleged war crimes last night after a speaking gig in England.
  • Information Week reports that “the Internet has recently experienced the largest increase in online hate activity in 10 years.”
  • Harvard professor Niall Ferguson asks in the UK’s Times Online whether Henry Kissinger is as vilified as he is because he is Jewish.
  • The British University and College Union will once again vote on divestment from Israel.
  • Finally, we inadvertently had the wrong link in yesterday’s Daily Briefing email for yesterday’s News Shticker. So for those who missed it, here it is.

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