Hillary Clinton (live)


11:04 Hillary Clinton introduced by Lonnie Kaplan as “a Democratic candidate for president.”

11:04 Big standing O.

11:05 Feels like a big “family reunion.”

11:06 Remembering Tom Lantos.

11:07 Quotes from Isaiah.

11:07 I “reject” the argument that our “common commitment to Israel’s survival and well being is not in the best interest of America.”

11:08 “Is there anyone from New York even here in this audience today.”

11:09 “I stand with you and for you.”

11:11 “Israel is not yet safe. The values that Israel represents are not yet secure.”

11:12 Recalling visits to Israeli terror victims and citizens of Sderot.

11:13 We need a Democrat in the White House.

11:13 “I know Senator Obama knows what is at stake here… Let me be very clear: I know Senator Obama will be a good friend to Israel.” (Sounds like she’s already conceded.)

11:15 “President Bush has moved us in the wrong direction.”

11:15 John McCain will follow the same wrong policies on Iraq and the Middle East.

11:20 Sounds same note as Obama on talks with Hamas: No way, until Hamas recognizes Israel and ends violence.

11:21 Will keep fighting to bring home captured Israeli soldiers.

11:22 “No nuclear weapons for Iran.”

11:22 “We can never let Iran attain nuclear weapons.”

11:22 IRG is a terrorist organization.

11:23 Iran must know consequences of nuclear attack on Israel. But we must never let it get to that point.

11:24 “Further behind” in confronting Iran because of the Bush administration.

11:25 Must speak out against anti-Semitism. Big standing ovation.

11:25 Criticizes Palestinian textbooks. Criticizes Saudi textbooks.

11:25 “Debacle at Durban must never be repeated.” If efforts to keep anti-Semitism out of Durban II, then U.S. should boycott the meeting.

11:29 Recalling one of “my heroes”: Golda Meir (and how she would answer the phone in the middle of night).

11:30 “God bless you. God bless Israel. God bless America.”

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