Nancy Pelosi (live)


9:41 OK, the speaker is up.

9:44 Jane Harman and Shelley Berkley get a shout out. Howard Berman, too. “The aisle that divides Democrats and Republicans disappears” when it comes to support for Israel. (A standing ovation for that line).

9:45 A few kind words for the late Tom Lantos. According to Pelosi, first AIPAC policy conference to take place without him in attendance.

9:49 Israel on the front lines of two pillars of U.S. foreign policy: blocking Iran’s nuclear pursuit and fighting terrorism.

9:50 Need to tighten the sanctions on Iran.

9:52 Pelosi plays up several bipartisan measures. Big applause, standing O, for the b-word.

9:55 Talking about meeting with families of Israeli MIAs.

9:56 Big standing O … Pelosi shows the dog tags of the three Israeli soldiers kidnapped in 2006.

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