Lookin for a J-O-B?


The Fundermentalist will also be keeping an eye out for job openings in the Jewish non-profit world.

Judging by a quick look at the roundup of Jewish orgs looking for development directors, the Chronicle of Philanthropy may have been dead on when it reported in August that there is a dearth of talent in the field.

Here’s a roundup of openings:

[UPDATE: The original list contained two errors, sorry.]

If you are currently unhappy at work, looking for a new job and get busted by your boss checking out one of these links, just blame it on me. Say: “The Fundermentalist made me do it” – and then let us know what the response is.

If you are an org with job openings, send us a link to the job posting at jberkman@jta.org. We’re happy to spread the word.

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