The News Shticker: “Post-racial” black haredim… on ice!

  • The N.Y. Times profiles Yosef Abrahamson, the black chasidic Crown Heights teen who won an essay contest a couple of weeks ago, suggesting he may be Brooklyn’s perfect representative.
  • Over at Jewschool, Y-Love takes an axe to the Times’ suggestion in the aformentioned story that John McCain, who Abrahamson supports, is a “post-racial” candidate.
  • See also: My interview with Y-Love over at Jewcy.
  • The Independent reports, “The Israeli military has come under renewed pressure to explain why its tank shells killed a Reuters cameraman and eight other Palestinians on a road in Gaza two months ago.”
  • The N.Y. Times’ Philip Galanes tells a non-Jewish reader who joined JDate – and who still hasn’t told the guy she met on the site that she’s not a member of the tribe – to come clean.
  • Former Pantera vocalist Phil Anselmo is heading to Israel to perform with his band Down next month. Alarmingly, when a blogger (my sister, incidentally) pointed out the fact that Anselmo has connections to the White Nationalist movement and a history of making racist remarks, furthermore suggesting that he shouldn’t be welcomed to Israel, the show’s promoter Lior Kamali responded by threatening to “smash [her] face.” What a mentsch!
  • And finally, two rich Jews make another shonde for the goyim.

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