Other weekend reading


New York Mag has as an interesting profile on David Einhorn, the hedge fund manager who sits on the boards of Hillel and Natan, as well as the Michael J. Fox Foundation and the Robin Hood Foundation.

The story asks the question: Is Einhorn trying to sink Lehman Brothers?

“Lehman Brothers has been Einhorn’s largest target to date, and it’s a battle that has riveted the financial world. When Bear Stearns had to be bailed out by the Federal Reserve, it was widely rumored that Lehman would’ve been the next one to go down. Spared the worst, Lehman was allowed to borrow from the Federal Reserve against collateral that nobody in the private sector would’ve accepted—and confidently assured investors that it had the wherewithal to make it through whatever remained of the credit crisis. But in this fragile environment, the last thing the firm can afford is a short seller with credibility in the hedge-fund world.”

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