Political Tidbits: McCain’s big J in Palm Beach County

  • A left-wing blogger quotes a congressional candidate as saying she’s being bullied by AIPAC types. The next day the candidate’s house burns down. Somebody call Mearsheimer & Walt (alternative punch line: Jimmy Carter has volunteered to rebuild the house).
  • The Catholic League’s Bill Donohue that Barack Obama’s “fraudulent” faith-based initiative will be bad for the Catholics – and Orthodox Jews. The Orthodox Union isn’t so sure (though it has similar concerns).
  • The state lobbyist heading up John McCain’s campaign in Palm Beach County is ‘Jewish with a capital J.’
  • A writer in the Jerusalem Post explains how a nice Jewish boy ended up with the same name as “a nice political superstar who is named after his Muslim father and is himself a long time member of the ‘Unashamedly Black and Unapologetically Christian’ Trinity United Church of Christ.”
  • Ira Forman (National Jewish Democratic Council) in HuffPo: When it comes to Iran, McCain speaks loudly and carries a small stick.
  • The NJDC may have picked a bad time to paint McCain as a flip-flopper.
  • Obama courts Hollywood Jews.
  • The L.A. Jewish Journal has a Podcast on the Iranian Jewish vote.

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