The News Shticker: NY’s new nerdy Jewish DJ, Katie Couric in Israel and Adolf Knitler

  • According to New York magazine, “D.J. Peter Rosenberg, a self-proclaimed ‘nerdy Jewish kid’ from Chevy Chase, Maryland, will be hosting the 5 to 7 a.m. slot” on New York’s Hot 97 radio station.
  • Also via NYM, Ivanka Trump has reunited with her Jewish ex.
  • Nazi hunter Efraim Zuroff believes he is zeroing in on Aribert Heim, the Nazi physician known as “Doctor Death.”
  • The LA Times reports that the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles has teamed up with Hollywood talent agent David Lonner to organize birthrightesque trips to Israel for Tinseltown bigwigs.
  • Video news site Jerusalem Online claims Iranian hackers are trying to disrupt a message on their website to the Iranian people from Conference of Presidents’ executive vice chairman Malcolm Hoenlein.
  • Ha’aretz gushes over Katie Couric’s visit to Israel.
  • AFP looks at Beirut’s dwindling Jewish community.
  • A member of the Spinka chasidic sect, which has been under investigation for tax fraud and money laundering, has admitted to bilking the federal government out of $300,000 in taxes.
  • The other Telegraph reports on the controversial exploits of British pro-knitter Rachael Matthews, which includes a series of knitting designs featuring international dictators, such as Idi Amin and Adolf Hitler.
  • A pamphlet surfaced in Israel that threatens the “soldiers of the occupation army” with terrorism and death should they not leave the Middle East. Its author was not an Islamic militant, however. It was Menachem Begin, then the leader of a Jewish militant organization, addressing the British roughly 60 years ago.
  • Father Robert Sirico writes thoughtfully on religion, anti-authoritarianism and liberty in The Australian.
  • In Salon: “The beauties of religion need to be saved from both the true believers and the trendy atheists, argues compelling religious scholar James Carse.”

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