Obama campaign geared up for Jewish outreach


The new foreign policy adviser and Jewish outreach coordinator to the Obama campaign says he’s “joining an operation that’s already well-organized.” Dan Shapiro said in a telephone interview that the campaign already has 15 Jewish leadership councils – with more still forming – “up and running” in major cities around the country, organizing house parties and other “direct voter contact” activities, as well as dedicated outreach staff in key states such as Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida and Michigan.

Shapiro said he’ll continue to do the same kinds of things that he was doing in an volunteer advisory role for the last year now that he’s a full-time staffer, including speaking to voters and lining up other surrogates in the Jewish community.

A source in the Obama campaign who did not wish to be identified said a major theme of the Obama Jewish outreach effort this fall would be to show that the Democratic candidate is “in touch with” and cares about the same values that are important to the community – Jewish values such as caring for “the less fortunate among us, caring for our parents and grandparents, being good stewards of the earth.” The campaign also will continue to highlight Obama’s “rock-solid” backing of Israel, said the source.

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