Cardin will be key Jewish surrogate for Obama


Sen. Ben Cardin’s (D-Md.) appearances before Jewish audiences in South Florida last week were the first of many he’ll be making this fall on behalf of Barack Obama.

In an interview last week, Cardin said he went to the presumptive Democratic nominee a few weeks ago and “offered my help” in persuading Jewish voters – and Obama took him up on the offer. Cardin’s told his staff that other than his business in the Senate, campaigning for Obama is his top priority. He expects to spend a lot of days in Florida and Pennsylvania, as well as some time in Northern Virginia.

Cardin said the Jewish voters he spoke to in Port St. Lucie and Ft. Lauderdale have “a tendency to be supportive” but have heard “a lot of misinformation.”

“It’s important to get the facts out,” he said, noting that some voters still don’t know enough about Obama’s positions, while others in Florida were “still upset” about the loss of HIllary Clinton.

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