Catering by Wolfgang Puck, red meat from Dennis Prager at RJC event


A number of Jewish organizations don’t have kosher events, but will eschew non-kosher meat for fish or vegetarian meals. Despite the many yarmulkes in the crowd, that wasn’t the case at the Republican Jewish Coalition’s “Salute to GOP Governors” this week at the Republican National Convention. While there was a kosher table in the back with hummus, pita, desserts and other selections, the Walker Art Center event was catered by Wolfgang Puck’s company and featured lamb, duck and sliders that were being pronounced delicious by a number of the hundreds in attendance – in addition to vegetarian fried rice and chocolate-covered strawberries.

Hotter than the food was emcee Dennis Prager. The conservative radio talk-show host blasted Jews for being liberals, saying that “it will be one of the great services to the Jewish people and to America and the world if we can stop the idea that Jewish and liberal are synonymous. … Jews on the left often mean well but have no wisdom on the issues of the day.”

“Auschwitz was not liberated by peace activists,” said Prager. “They’d still be gassing Jews if we listened to peace activists.”

Later he added, “There is no one as hated by the liberal world as a black conservative or a woman conservative. God forbid women should get the idea that you are more liberated … on this side of the aisle.”

Prager also used the old joke about Republican Jews being able to meet in a phone booth – in order to say that the number of GOP Jews has grown so much that “large stadiums” are now needed for their gatherings.

Utah Gov. John Huntsman Jr., Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue and Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle were among those who stopped by the reception. A number of other Gulf Coast governors, including Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, were scheduled to come but stayed home because of Hurricane Gustav.

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