Political tidbits: Exodus from Lieberman’s Senate office is underway

  • Sen. Joe Lieberman’s legislative director Joe Goffman quit yesterday, and Politico says it was a protest against his boss’ endosement of John McCain – and notes a half-dozen other recent defections. Here’s Goffman’s farewell e-mail.
  • Bradley Burston in Haaretz compares the language in the Democratic and Republican platforms on Israel-related issues.
  • In another piece, Burston writes that Israel has “disappeared” as a campaign issue, but offers seven ways it could return to “haunt” the campaign.
  • Mark Silk at the blog Spiritual Politics predicts Palin’s nomination will help Obama among Jews and predicts a 70-28 breakdown in the Jewish vote for the Democrat.
  • Jewish comedienne and performance artist Sandra Bernhard starts a month-long run at the Washington DCJCC’s Theater J tonight and tells a D.C. gay weekly that John McCain is “hypocritical and stupid” for pointing fingers at celebrities.

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