Preparing for Yom Kippur
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Preparing for Yom Kippur

  • As society becomes fragmented and increasingly frenetic, there is more value than ever in the spiritual audit Yom Kippur provides, write Zaki Cooper and Michael Harris in the U.K. Guardian.
  • Slate unpacks Kol Nidre – that prayer used by everyone from Neil Diamond to Beethoven, and by anti-Semites as evidence that Jews are duplicitous and two-faced.
  • A Houston mother writes about her difficulty communicating with God on Yom Kippur ever since her prematurely born son, Aaron Joseph, died 13 years ago after just a few weeks of life.
  • Haim Watzman links the U.S. elections and Yom Kippur in the Huffington Post, comparing the penitent Jew to the reflective voter.
  • The “Big Brother” TV program being filmed in Israel will take an unprecedented one-day break – for Yom Kippur, reports The Associated Press.