Political tidbits: More guilt by association, a plea to stop talking about Israel

  • More guilt by association from the GOP, as he chairman of the Palm Beach Republican Party is e-mailing around a video of an eight-month old speech in which Louis Farrakhan calls Barack Obama “the messiah.” Obama already responded to this endorsement in a debate during the primaries: After some badgering from Tim Russert and Hillary Clinton saying that simply denouncing Farrakhan wasn’t enough, Obama said he would “reject” the Nation of Islam leader’s support.
  • Some guilt by association for McCain and Palin, from Menachem Rosensaft in the Huffington Post.
  • From Jesse Kornbluth in the Huffington Post … Yom Kippur letter to Joe Lieberman’s rabbis, urging them to “talk to Sen. Lieberman about the hatred the McCain-Palin campaign is encouraging” – and complete with somewhat over-the-top allusions to Kristallnacht.
  • Bradley Burston, in Ha’aretz, accuses Sarah Palin for stirring up prejudice and hatred when she talks about Obama.
  • In the National Review … Mona Charen argues that Sarah Silverman’s “Great Schlep” video is just one more example of Jews substituting liberalism for their religion – and blames the New York Times for going along with it.
  • Shmuel Rosner, in Slate, urges the candidates to stop talking about Israel so much.
  • Politico reports that John McCain didn’t disclose his affiliation with the U.S. Council for World Freedom as a freshman congressman; his campaign says he didn’t have to report the connection.
  • In the L.A. Jewish Journal … former AIPAC head Morris Amitay lays out why he supportd McCain.
  • And former top Middle East negotiator Dennis Ross does the same for Obama.
  • The Jewish Week talks to some undecided Jewish women about Sarah Palin.
  • The Christian Science Monitor weighs in on Obama’s “struggles to attract Jewish voters.”
  • A report on Obama’s Jewish outreach efforts in Pennsylvania, from the Jewish Exponent.
  • Michael Gerson in the Washington Post on the importance of the Iran threat in making one’s choice for president.
  • The National Jewish Democratic Council claims the Republican Jewish Coalition is lying in its new ad when it says Obama would be willing to meet personally with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Actually, the NJDC is wrong, because Obama did say that, at the YouTube debate last year (the questioner even puts a photo of Ahmadinejad on the screen when he asks the question) and he said it again two months later after the Iranian president spoke at Columbia University.

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