Bronfman for Obama (and Kampelman, too)


The former head of the World Jewish Congress has endorsed Barack Obama.

In an endorsement on the Huffington Post website, longtime Jewish philanthropist Edgar Bronfman, who was a supporter of Hillary Clinton in the primaries, says he’s backing the Democratic nominee both because of  his "admiration" for Obama and Biden and his "disdain" for the McCain-Palin ticket — calling McCain’s selection of Palin "the towering example of his poor judgment."

John McCain "cannot provide what Israel needs most — a respected, credible, morally strong America," writes Bronfman. "Barack Obama is the candidate who can restore America’s moral authority in the world and position our government to help negotiate peace."

Bronfman adds that Obama "can inspire much-needed support for Israel among this next generation of American Jews. He reflects their idealism and speaks in the language of hope they understand."

Also endorsing Obama this week was former Regan administration arms control negotiator Max Kampelman. The statement of Kampelman, a Democrat, was distributed by the Obama campaign:

It was my good fortune as a Democrat to be asked by President Ronald
Reagan to negotiate with the Russians on the elimination of all nuclear
weapons. We succeeded in permanently eliminating one important class of
those weapons.

Over the years, I have voted for both Democratic and Republican
candidates for President

This year, I support Senator Barack Obama.

I know him to be of sound judgment and strong principle, a committed
friend of Israel who can help to achieve a just and secure peace in that

He would be a strong leader who can renew America’s position in the
world at a time of grave challenges, including the proliferation of
nuclear weapons.

I believe that for the sake of our children and grandchildren, America
must lead an international movement to fulfill the vision of President
Reagan — a world released from the fear of nuclear weapons. Senator
Obama has publicly pledged his leadership, as our President, to work for
that goal.

I enthusiastically support his candidacy for President of the United



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