Political tidbits: The final days in Fla., would Wright have swayed Jewish voters?

  • Hilary Leila Krieger of the Jerusalem Post looks at the final days of courting the Jewish vote in Florida.
  • How many Jewish members of Congress will there be when the dust settles tomorrow? The Jerusalem Post speculates.
  • The Post also checks out the fairly small Jewish vote in Indiana.
  • American basketball players in Israel overwhelmingly support Obama, reports YNet.
  • Brad Greenberg at the Los Angeles Jewish Journal notes a surprising presidential endorsement from the American Nazi Party.
  • Jim Besser of The Jewish Week examines whether talking about Jeremiah Wright would have helped John McCain in the Jewish community.
  • The most accurate pre-election poll in 2004, IBD/TIPP, has Obama up 71-23 among Jewish voters this morning.
  • Dan Raviv writes that Israelis don’t believe the polls and think McCain will win, on the Daily Beast.
  • Everyone will be anxiously awaiting exit poll data — for the Jewish and overall vote — tonight, but The New Republic warns we should be careful.

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