‘Scud Stud’ Shai joins Kadima


Nachman Shai, the Israeli army’s calming voice during Gulf War Scud missile attacks on Israel, joined the Kadima Party.

The party announced Monday that Shai, who acquired the name the "Scud Stud" for his efforts in the 1991 war, would join Kadima, though he has not been promised a position or a guaranteed slot on the party’s list in the upcoming elections. Shai currently serves as senior vice president of the United Jewish Communities and its director-general in Israel.

"I think there is a time to come down from the stands and enter the playing field," he was quoted as saying in the Jerusalem Post. "I know the field well and I have been involved in many ways, but I decided this time to become a player."

With his soothing voice and calm demeanor, Shai helped to calm Israelis sitting in sealed rooms during radio broadcasts after Scud attacks. He is best remembered for instructing panicked Israelis wearing gas masks to “drink water.”

Jewish Agency chairman Ze’ev Bielski also is considering joining Kadima, the Post reported.

On Sunday, former lawmaker Benny Begin and former Israel Defense Forces spokeswoman Miri Regev announced that they would join the Likud Party.

Lt.-Gen. (res.) Moshe "Bogie" Ya’alon, the IDF’s ex-chief of general staff, also said Monday that he was considering joining Likud or forming a new party to the right of Likud.

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