JTA knows what’s good for the Jews


JTA gets a mention from Washington Post business columnist Steven Pearlstein today.

The Pulitzer Prize winner recalls how his parents and grandparents’ "first reaction" to any event was to "calculate" how it would impact the Jews:

For some, this instinct survives to this day. JTA, a Jewish news service, last week put out an upbeat story on the Blagojevich scandal in Illinois by noting that the governor’s arrest has greatly improved the odds that Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky — a Jew untainted by the scandal — might be appointed to the Obama seat.

From there, Pearlstein moves into the Bernard Madoff fraud, which he writes is "definitely not good for the Jews — a shanda far die goyim, as my grandmother would have whispered in Yiddish so as not to upset us children."

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