The male, Israeli version of “Obama girl”


Israel has its answer to "Obama girl": "Livni boy"!

Actor Liran Avisar is seen waking up under a portrait of  Tzipi Livni and proclaiming his love for the Kadima prime minister candidate through song in the video.

"Oh Tzipi, you’re what I wanted, all that I expected from a political leader," the chorus goes in a mixture of Hebrew and English, translates the Jerusalem Post. "I don’t want Ehud. I don’t trust Bibi. Tzipi if you let me, I will be your man. Just tell me yes." In another line, he sings "Not Golda, not Condoleezza, not Palin, not Michelle Obama, because no one can beat you, Momma."

The video follows on the heels of Bibi Netanyahu borrowing the format of Barack Obama’s Web site and Shas ripping off the president-elect’s "Yes, We Can" slogan,

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