Funny, he doesn’t sound Buddhist


A Jewish guy becoming an Imam in Saudi Arabia — that would be news.

A Jewish New Yorker becoming a Buddhist minister in Seattle … well, the Seatlle Post-Intelligencer apparently thinks it’s a big deal. Check out its profile on Rev. Kanjin (formerly Michael) Cederman, the new minister at the Seattle Nichiren Buddhist Church:

Seated in his office one afternoon last week, Cederman wore white socks and sandals and a black robe — garb he replaces with a Shriner hat and Western clothes when he goes to his Masonic meetings.

Outside the temple, he has an affinity for wearing bowlers.

He has a particular style of speech — his accent usually all New York — like when he explains that he wears the robe at Buddhist ceremonies "to make people feel comfortable."

"Not that I should look pretty," he says.

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