Catching up, some quick Madoff hits


OK. I have been out sick for a few days, so it’s time to get caught up.

The Bernard Madoff case is of course still building, and now federal prosecutors want Madoff placed in custody because they consider him a flight risk after he mailed more than $1 million in jewelry from his Manhattan apartment in an attempt to obstruct justice, the Washington Post reports.

The Post also has a piece about foundations, including George Soros’ Open Society Institute, trying to help nonprofits hurt by Madoff.

In an open letter to Bernie Madoff published in Newsweek, Rabbi Marc Gellman lashes out at the scam artist.

One of the very worst things you did has to do with the Jews. You are responsible for reviving the "Jew game." I heard of the Jew game from a boy who became a man last Saturday. I asked him once if he had ever experienced anti-Semitism in school. That is when he looked at the floor and told me about the Jew game. The game, played by anti-Semitic kids in school, was one in which they would hide around a corner, throw a quarter down the hall, and then when somebody picked up the quarter, they’d run at the person shouting, "You’re the Jew!"

But before you get too wrapped up in race or ethinicity here, Newsweek also says that you should remember that a WASP, Richard Whitney, pulled off a similar scam during the ‘30s.

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