Tidbits: Are Jews ready for a Jewish president, can GOP appeal to Jews?

  • The Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism praised the International Criminal Court for issuing an arrest warrant for Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir: "By calling for President Bashir’s arrest, the ICC has made a statement that no perpetrator of genocide, even a head of state, is free from accountability for his or her actions."
  • Francine Klagsbrun, in The Jewish Week, wonders how Jews would handle a Jewish president: "Would they be grinning and high-fiving one another on inauguration day or would they be worrying that a Jewish president might lean over backward to avoid seeming too pro-Jewish or pro-Israel? Would they turn out in record numbers to a Jewish president’s inauguration, as blacks did to Obama’s? Or would they downplay the event, fearful of being too conspicuous or agonizing over what the gentiles will think?"
  • Raphael Sonenshein, in the Los Angeles Jewish Journal, writes that "the Republican Party, on public view during the economic stimulus debate, is moving further and further away from the party that once appealed to Jews": "In short, the remnants of the Jewish-friendly wing of the Republican Party are pretty nervous. Those Republicans who have the best chance nationally face an uphill struggle in the party."

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