Chas Freeman, the defense


Dan Froomkin and Think Progress like Chas Freeman.

Think Progress talks about a "behind the scenes" effort to torpedo the former envoy to Riyadh’s appointment to a top intel post, although it finds plenty of folks who are ready to say on the record that Freeman’s  unfit.

Froomkin thinks Freeman represents a welcome break of groupthink. My look-see into Freeman’s past suggests he’s a slave to groupthink – just not the groupthink that’s prevailed in DC over the last eight years. He thinks the Saudi royal family is packed with liberal reformers, for Pete’s sake.

Listen, plopping an unreconstructed and strident advocate – not analyst, advocate – into a highly sensitive post is not unprecedented. Exhibit A: Doug Feith. How’d that turn out? Just because the colors are different doesn’t mean the team doesn’t bear examination.

Not too long ago, Froomkin resisted attempts to label him a liberal by credibly saying his Washington Post online column on the presidency, which seemed to perpetually eviscerate the actions of George W. Bush, was skeptical but did not  hew to an ideology – and that he would be equally as skeptical of a Democrat in the White House.

Now, though, you gotta wonder.

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