A return to ‘nattering nabobs of negativism’


Last week, Ira Forman pulled out the old Spiro Agnew line "nattering nabobs of negativism" to describe those who claim that President Obama is unfriendly — and said he was confident that the president would make the correct decision on attending Durban II.

Now that Obama has backed up Forman’s prediction by pulling out of Durban, Forman, in the Huffington Post, returns to Nixonland to challenge the president’s critics:

Sadly, for the nattering nabobs of negativism, ideological rigidity trumps any acknowledgement of reality. Within hours of the administration’s announcement of its boycott of Durban II, one of the "savants" at the American Thinker declared, "Too late, Mr. President. Your imprimatur is all over that draft."

When we engage in this game of scoring partisan points at all costs, our community loses. When facts are trumped by ideological combat, our community loses. When positive policy outcomes take a back seat to scoring partisan points, our community loses. At a time when Israel and the Jewish people do truly face existential threats, a hardheaded, reality based view of politics surely must overcome the politics of knee-jerk negativism.

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