Rashi foundation meets with officials at Jersey federation, is seeking American partners


Hubert Leven, the president of the Israel based Rashi Foundation, and his top official at the foundation, Ronit Segelman, met with officials of the Jewish Federation of Central New Jersey last week to discuss how the two could partner on projects in Israel, according to the New Jersey Jewish News.

It is not clear exactly what they discussed, but it appears that the Foundation is looking for partners on projects to improve education programs in Israel and to address Israeli poverty.

Leven, according to the New Jersey Jewish News, has been touring the US seeking partners through similar meetings. The partnerships are becoming more necesarry because of hte tightening economy, according to the story.

Although neither side talked specifics, they hoped to promote partnerships like the one between the two organizations in Arad, Israel, where Rashi and the federation have funded an extended-school-day program for children from kindergarten through fourth grade, complete with hot meals.

Leven said that given the current financial anxiety, “we are more ready than ever to avoid duplication” and are prepared “to coordinate” with other organizations in the interest of furthering their goals.

Segelman quipped, “The only way to get it together is to do it together.” That drew smiles and nods of agreement around the table.

Their visit to the federation offices at the Wilf Jewish Community Campus came in the course of a trip across the United States in search of potential partners. Over the past two years — building on a practice of collaboration established not long after it was established in 1984 — the foundation has made its administrative and operational infrastructure available to a number of other nonprofit organizations working in Israel.

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