JDL members arrested in Paris


PARIS (JTA) — Four members of the Jewish Defense League were arrested in Paris for ransacking a pro-Palestinian bookstore.

Police questioned the JDL members — aged 16, 18, 23 and 26 — on Wednesday in the July 3 attack on the Renaissance bookstore, the French news agency  AFP reported.

Five young men armed with crowbars broke computers and the cash register, and poured oil over books and computers, according to the store owners. Members of the JDL, which is banned in the United States, previously had attacked the store.

On Wednesday night, hundreds of members of left-wing political groups were among those who gathered at the bookstore to call for a swift “disbanding” of the JDL, according to reports.

The Movement against Racism and Friendship between Peoples on Monday had called on the French government to outlaw the group.

In a statement, the group said the JDL is “an extreme-right group left free to act in France, though it is forbidden in Israel and the U.S.”

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