Dermer: Bibi has been misunderstood


A top adviser to Benjamin Netanyahu says people have misunderstood the Israeli prime minister’s major policy speech last month.

Ron Dermer told a Zionist Organization of America conference call on Wednesday that Netanyahu’s demands that the Palestinians accept Israel as a Jewish state and that any Palestinian state be demilitarized are "endgame" positions, according to a person on the call.

Dermer said, according to the source, that "the most important thing" right now is for Palestinians to "end promotion of hatred and violence in every aspect of society." He emphasized that Israel wants to see not just "100 percent effort" but "100 percent results."

Asked about Iran after this week’s back and forth over whether Vice President Joe Biden had given Israel a "green light" to attack Iran, Dermer responded that "Israel will not relinquish the right to defend our people to any other country."

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