Israelis questioned in human egg trafficking case


JERUSALEM (JTA) — Some 30 Israelis suspected of being involved in human egg trafficking were detained for questioning in Romania.

Most were released Monday following questioning by police; some returned to Israel after posting large bonds. Others, considered "persons of interest," were forbidden to leave the country. The Israeli owners of the clinic have been remanded for 29 days, Ynet reported.

The Israelis were caught during a raid on a Bucharest fertility clinic that was alleged to have been operating without the necessary permits, according to reports. Other reports suggested that the clinic was trafficking in human eggs and stem cells.

Israeli women suspected of selling their eggs were questioned, as were Israeli doctors involved in the clinic.

Under Romanian law, egg donation is permissible as long as the donor does not get paid and the egg extraction takes place in an authorized clinic, Ynet reported.

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