What are your thoughts on PresenTense?


I am watching this live stream now of PresenTense unveiling the projects of its 14 summer fellows.

(Sorry. I had to take down the live feed because I was getting complaints that it opened up anytime someone clicked on the blog. But you can check it out here.)

PT, which bills itself as an incubator of young Jewish projects, has received much press in recent months and is starting to receive significant funding.

I’ve known its founder, Ariel Beery, for a while now and when he has asked me what I thought about the project I have always taken the stance that I am waiting to see what it produces.

I still have not made my judgement, but given the buzz surrounding the organization — Beery was given top billing at this spring’s Jewish Funders Network conference, which was dedicated to Jewish innovation — I am curous what you guys think….

I think it’s an important question given that so many people seem to have hinged funding and their hopes for an invigorated Jewish future on this organization.

Let me know.

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