What would your Jewish grandma say about Obama’s health plan?


Writing at the American Thinker Web Site, Harold Witkov explains that his late grandmother would not have been a fan of President Obama’s proposed healthcare reforms:

My grandmother was forever warning me to be careful.  Since it usually does not take much for a teenage boy to grow wearisome of hearing such unsolicited advice, especially from a grandparent, I eventually complained to her, "Why do you keep telling me to be careful?"  Without hesitation, she looked straight into my eyes and lovingly responded, "A bi gezunt!"

A bi gezunt, in Yiddish, is so long as you’re healthy, but the literal translation does not do the expression justice.  A bi gezunt really means whatever your problems may be, do not fret, for as long as you have your health, you can come out on top of any situation. …

As I stated before, my Jewish grandmother would probably have been willing to have her taxes raised if she thought it was for a good cause. She would have been, however, suspicious of a health care program that was good enough for the public but not good enough for our legislators, and she certainly would have been against Obama Care because it represents inferior health care for the family she left behind upon her death.

To be sure, my grandmother would have opposed Obama Care because she would have wanted what was best for her loved ones and she understood that the most important thing in life was a bi gezunt.

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