Which misuse of Anne Frank is more obscene?


Over at our Telegraph blog, I just flagged this grotesque promo for a — what? Parody? Pastiche? — based on Anne Frank’s diary, to be staged at New York’s Studio 42.

Now opponents of President Obama’s health care plan also are exploiting Anne Frank’s image, tagging her with the plan’s symbol instead of a yellow star — based on the (now breathe real slow as I explain) profoundly baffling misimpression that the White House is compiling an "enemy’s list" of opponents of the plan through its offer to clear up misunderstandings.

Someone named Timothy Charles Browne wrote the play. I dunno, doesn’t sound to me like he spent summers playing ga-ga. And I’m guessing the yutzes who are imagining Gestapo-like health care officials on the march are not Jewish. ("Anne Frank was arrested Aug. 4! The White House asked  folks to forward complaints Aug. 4!" Any truly Jewish conspiracy wacko would have found a way to work in Gematria.)

Over here in Jew-land, we have crazies. You have crazies over there in non-Jew land. Please, it’s enough keeping up with the Russian lady waving the forged birth certificates. I can’t track abuse of our icons as well.

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