Grassy knolls have gone to Qaddafi’s head


I’m listening to (suffering through) Muammar Qaddaffi’s ramble to the United Nations General Assembly.

He’s complained about jet lag, and hinted that his fatigue also has something to do with the fact that no one in the in the tri-state area wants to allow him to pitch his tent encampment. (It’s how he travels.)

Then, he launched into the litany of Israeli "crimes" that should be investigated and counted among them Kennedy’s assassination. Jack Ruby, he noted solemnly, offed Lee Harvey Oswald before the truth could be learned about JFK’s plans to confront Israel over its nuclear reactor in Dimona.

I’ll try to track down a transcript. It’s hard to transcribe the interpreter’s translation — it’s all over the place (and one suspects  the interpreter is not at fault.)


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