JDub adopts Jewcy online magazine


NEW YORK (JTA) — JDub, the nonprofit Jewish music label, is adopting the online Jewish magazine Jewcy.com.

Jewcy, which was started as a for-profit venture in 2006, was left in the lurch last spring when its primary funders abruptly pulled their money from the project. Since then the blog-heavy magazine — JDub says it has 120,000 unique visitors per month, most of them young people — has been looking for a funding partner.

Day-to-day operations of Jewcy will be overseen by JDub Chief Operating Officer Jacob Harris and Jewcy editor Lilit Marcus, who has run Jewcy on a volunteer basis for the past eight months and will officially join the JDub staff.

The JDub-Jewcy marriage was funded in part by the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles and several Jewish foundations.

“Jewcy is an amazing brand,” Harris said. “We’ve been fans of the site since it began and are very excited to leverage the natural overlap and keep Jewcy thriving and growing. Jewcy’s content is similar to our music catalogue in that it proudly presents very diverse Jewish thoughts, ideas, challenges and struggles in a quality and relevant fashion.”

“In these difficult economic times, we are constantly seeking partnership and collaboration with like-minded organizations,” said Aaron Bisman, JDub’s chief executive officer. “We are creating spaces and experiences without barriers to entry where young people can find their community and interact with it on their own terms, be it through music, blogging, events, or social media. We hope JDub’s adoption of Jewcy can serve as a model for increased efficiency and allow focus to remain where it belongs — on culture, conversation, and real community.”

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