Tidbits: Is Iran’s uranium contaminated?

  • The Washington Post’s David Ignatius has details on an interesting story: "Iran’s supply of low-enriched uranium — the potential feedstock for nuclear bombs — appears to have certain ‘impurities’ that ‘could cause centrifuges to fail’ if the Iranians try to boost it to weapons grade."
  • Eric Alterman waxes rhapsodic over the upcoming J Street conference in the New York Times, but makes a big error — he says that AIPAC has "routinely condemned" a two-state solution when they actually support it.
  • The Washington Post reports: "The first effort of President Obama’s new faith advisory council sidesteps some of the most contentious issues, including what kind of lengths faith-based social service groups need to go in order to separate government work from proselytizing and whether supporting same-sex parents means recognizing gay marriage."
  • Politico reports that Republican Jewish Coalition activist Lisa Wernick Spies turned down an opportunity to be on Bravo’s "Real Housewives of D.C."

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