Israeli general: Hamas rocket can reach Tel Aviv


JERUSALEM (JTA) — Hamas has a missile that can reach Tel Aviv, an Israeli army official said.

Gen. Amos Yadlin on Tuesday told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee that Hamas recently test-fired a missile that can hit a target 37 miles away, which is enough to strike Tel Aviv.

Yadlin, the head of Military Intelligence for the Israel Defense Forces, said the missile was fired into the Mediterranean Sea, Ha’aretz reported.

The rocket is apparently Iranian-made, Ynet reported, and may have been smuggled into the strip.

During last winter’s war in Gaza, Hamas fired missiles with a 25-mile range that struck Beersheba.

Yadlin said, however, that Hamas is not interested in confronting Israel, preferring to concentrate on strengthening its rule in Gaza and smuggling weapons.

He also said that the terrorist organization Hezbollah was stockpiling weapons in southern Lebanon and smuggling in weapons from Iran through Syria and Turkey.  

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