Soros, Soros everywhere


I think Daniel Luban at the Faster Times has the Washington Times story on the National Iranian American Council mostly wrong.

I agree there’s not much to the charges that NIAC lobbies for Iran, but Eli Lake, the reporter, allows NIAC its rebuttal, which makes the story anything but the "hit job" Luban and its other detractors have made it out to be. And there’s otherwise a lot of substance to the article.

Still, this insight by Luban is pretty funny. It turns out that the Iranian regime and its most dedicated American critics have something in common: An abiding hatred of George Soros:

For the neocons, Soros is an Iranian stooge; for the Ahmadinejad regime, he is an American stooge. The man just can’t win.

Nothing like a steamy fantasy to bring bedfellows together, or as Luban puts it:

I have often found it startling how easily staunchly Zionist and philo-Semitic writers slip into the language of traditional anti-Semitism when talking about Soros — the latest incarnation of the shadowy Jewish financier whose “tentacles” extend throughout the corridors of power.


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