Speaking for the neutered
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Speaking for the neutered

Andrew Sullivan praises Ha’aretz as "more candid and interesting" than American mainstream media because on Friday, it picked up on conservative bashing of Hannah Rosenthal, President Obama’s recently appointed envoy on anti-Semitism. He shreys gevalt about the "neutered U.S. MSM."

This came as a surprise to me — I just came back from a 2.5 week vacation, and I blogged about this before I left. Not only that, I targeted the first blast out of the conservative box, in The American Thinker, as seriously misrepresenting her views. Since then Eric has written a feature on the issue, and has blogged on it multiple times.

This is no Israeli exclusive — and we’re as MSM as it gets in the U.S. Jewish media.

But what’s especially galling about this claim is that Sullivan works for the Atlantic, for pete’s sake, which was MSM when Adolph Ochs could scarcely imagine purchasing the New York Times. And Sullivan himself lives and breathes conventional wisdom, supporting the Iraq War when it was popular and bailing on it when it was not.

I mean, puh-leeze.