The meaning of Brown


The Republican Jewish Coalition weighs in on Scott Brown’s victory:

The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) congratulates Scott Brown on his victory in the special election to the U.S. Senate seat for Massachusetts. His win sends the clear message that the electorate has serious concerns about the Obama administration’s health care proposals, its out of control spending, and the rising debt and deficits which are the fruits of its misguided agenda.

There are other positive indicators as well. We’ve seen a steady stream of Democrat retirements, including some veteran lawmakers; the GOP will be very competitive in a number of open seat races. Polls show that public approval of President Obama, Democrats in Congress, their health care plan, and their economic policies are at new lows. GOP recruiting is up and Republican leaders such as House Whip Eric Cantor think Republicans could take a substantial number of House seats.

Seeing up close the agenda laid out by President Obama and Democrats in Congress and its implications for our health care, our economy, and our national security, has changed the “hope and change” mantra of 2008 to one of “hoping for a change of course” in 2010.

We look forward to working with Senator-elect Brown in Washington in the months ahead.

On the heels of the Republican gubernatorial victories in New Jersey and Virginia, this special election is another indication of the voters’ dissatisfaction with the policies of the Obama-Reid-Pelosi Democrats, and their desire for a change in direction. Brown’s win also marks a positive indicator for Republicans running in House and Senate races in November 2010.

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