Thankful for Christians’ Israel support


To the Editor:

Re: the David Brog Op-Ed, I have read many such articles and letters about Christian support for Israel making some Jewish people uncomfortable. Many people like myself, who are Jewish and try to be practicing Jews, are deeply appreciative of the actions of Christians like Brog.

I laugh at those of my people who do not fully realize what a blessing it is to have Christians who take their faith and the Bible as an obligations to support and protect the State of Israel to the extent that they can.

To the members of the Tribe that may question our Christian brothers sincerity to Israel because of the long historical tragedy of Jewish-Christian animosity, I ask that it be remembered  that not all Christians looked upon Jews as enemies, We must judge men upon their individual acts today and not upon the past of their fathers.

It is most important that all Christians who stand with Israel in its never-ending battle for existence do not forget that many Jews feel tremendous gratitude for Christian support.

Kenneth Ellman
Newton, N.J.

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