The downfall of Downfall


Depending on your perspective — and most likely, your age — you’ll see this piece of news as either tragic or overdue. But according to the Huffington Post, the parodies of Hitler receiving news that the Third Reich is finished, memorably dramatized by Bruno Ganz in the film "Downfall," are being removed from YouTube for copyright infringement.

The parodies, which are responsible for productivity declines at businesses across the country — and, I acknowledge, have provided an occasional respite from the otherwise dogged business of Jewish news gathering — have touched on countless themes. Hitler finds out the Cowboys lost to the Giants, or that Barack Obama won the Nobel Prize, or that Michael Jackson died. Another shows Hitler finding out he’s the subject of an Internet parody, and in a really timely piece, Hitler gets mad that his parodies are being pulled because of digital copyright issues. 

The parodies have even touched on Jewish themes: Hitler finds out he didn’t accepted to birthright Israel, or that Israel has banned the iPad

I’d offer you a link to the former, but, alas, it has been removed. 

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