No Jews on ‘Lost’?


By now you may have noticed: I love “Lost.”

But never let it be said that the editor of JTA let’s his biases get in the way of open debate.

So, here it is… Heeb’s music editor, Arye Dworken, has written an open letter to “Lost” co-creator J.J. Abrams, expressing his unhappiness over the show’s not having any Jewish characters:

… J.J., you’re Jewish. Co-creator Damon Lindelof is a raging Jew from Teaneck, NJ of all places. Two out of three creators are Heebs and not one Jew riding Flight 815?!? Why wasn’t there, let’s say, an Hasidic diamond dealer flying into Los Angeles after a weekend affair with a meth-smoking prostitute in Sydney? How’s that for a backstory? Or a former Israeli soldier who tortured Arabs during the Gulf War? Too similar to Sayid? Not one wise-cracking, pastrami-eating New Yorker regaling Kate and Claire with stories of alternative side of the street parking and where the best bagels are on the Upper West Side? Really? I don’t know, dude.

I feel bad calling you out like this, but it also needs to be done. It was uncool to make Lost so Jew-free. Of all the unanswered questions, this one — this Hebraic mystery — can actually be answered. So what about it, J.J.? Hit me up some time and let me know your thought process for making such an uncircumcised series. I think you owe it to your Jewish fans. All seven of us.

‘Lost’ is a show filled with mysteries and plenty of room for interpretation. So as a general rule I’d say who am I to tell you that you’re understanding of ‘Lost’ is wrong. That said…

Hey, Arye. You’re wrong.

Two words: Bernard Nadler.

The guy is a dentist from the Bronx.

He’s liberal enough to be married to a black woman. And he does whatever she tells him.

How much more of a stereotype do you want?

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